Technology solutions to meet your HIPAA compliance security needs.

Secure Email

In healthcare, protected health information and patient data cannot be sent via plain text emails.  Emails need to be encrypted and secure.   We have several solutions that can make that happen.

Secure File Transfer

Exchanging data between vendors, systems, clearinghouses and other healthcare providers requires strong encryption.  HIPAA dictates that data needs to be encrypted while at rest and in transit.  We offer secure file transfer (SFTP) with encryption technology to address both of these concerns.

Secure Backup

All important data needs to be backed up.   in healthcare, HIPAA dictates that data at rest (such as in a backup file) needs to be encrypted.   We offer HIPAA compliant online backup solutions that meet all best practice and security requirements.

Awesome Support

Offering HIPAA technology products is one thing, but we take it to the next level.  With all of our products, we offer initial installation and configuration services at no additional charge.  Plus, we are here to help whenever you need it.

Microsoft Azure Secure Backup

Microsoft's Azure backup is a powerful service.   Set up daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups.  Pay only for the storage that you use.   And the best part - we set it all up for you at no additional charge.

About DNA Services

DNA Services is a consulting company offering security solutions to improve and maintain HIPAA compliance for its customers.

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